Back riding..

I’ve done a few rides now since my second chiropractic treatment, and think I’ve worked out that what took me out of action was not related to riding, but to scraping the paint off of my garage door, which I did on the same Saturday of the ride. This really required some oomph – I was doing it with a wallpaper scraper, and I’m heavily biased to my right side, which was subsequently affected worst.

I waited til the Sunday after the second treatment, and did the same ride, along to Rottingdean and back along the coast, and was unaffected by it, as I’d expect.

Since then I’ve also done my first off road ride since the sun came out, meeting D at Clayton hill again, and riding up to the Beacon and on to Lewes, then back. This totted out at 38 miles, the distance of the Chestnut Treehouse sponsored ride I’m doing in May, but 22 miles of it was on road.. so cheating slightly 😃

I have a couple of days off of work after the Easter weekend, for a total of six days including the long weekend, in which I’m planning on really racking up the training miles.. and getting in some Stamner single track action! 

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