Downs Link Trail training ride

It’s been a busy bank holiday weekend, and I hadn’t put any miles in on the bike, so had planned to do a decent ride on Monday.

I still hadn’t decided by the time I left whether it was going to be a South Downs Eay job or a blast up the Downs Link. 

I decided last minute to go with the Downs Link Trail. My sponsored off road ride is on the 7th May, and the DLT is great for putting your head down and racking up the miles.

Ended up going 17 exactly miles up, according to my Garmin GPS; a slight deviation in route when back in Shoreham added a mile for a total of 35.

Pretty uneventful; not the most interesting ride, but it has its uses.

I’m not back to work until Thursday so although I have plans tomorrow that don’t include a ride, I’m aiming for a South Downs way ride on Wednesday to get some more off road miles in.

Distance: 35 miles

Top speed: 38.9mph

Avg speed: 14.4mph

Strava trophies: 25 including 7 PBs 

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