Month: April 2017

Weekend ride 

Just getting over a nasty cold, so have not been out as much as I’d have liked, but did manage a 20 miler on Saturday.

From home, I rode to my uncles in Shoreham to drop off a DVD I’d bought him. I then ride back to Mill Hill, and from there, over to the Dyke. From the Dyke, I rode back towards Mill Hill, continuing on the South Downs Way as the road veered round to the left. 

I rode down to the Adur, crossing at the bridge, and up the Downs Link Trail until the South Downs way turning.

I ride up past the pig farm, and then turned left at the road, picking up the trail that leads down to the Sussex Pad / Lancing College.

From here, I cross the A27 and turned right, and rode along to the lancing roundabout, where I headed down into lancing and then along the seafront back home.

It was good to get some off road miles under the belt, as opposed to the road riding I’ve done recently.

I’d realised before the ride that my rear tyre was hurting.. there were some wear points in the side wall and the tread was quite worn in places.

So I ordered a new Maxxis Ikon from Wiggle, along with some more electrolyte tabs. 

Wanting to make the most of the daylight hours, I went for a quick ride after dinner on Monday, my standard 6.2 miler to the Worthing rowing club (where the cycle track ends).

I came a cropper just after Brooklands, managing to pick up 4-5 punctures, as evidenced by the leaking slime. I pushed the approx 1.5 miles home, where I inspected the tyre, and found a thorn of 12mm embedded.

Needless to say, I was relieved that this hadn’t happened off road in the previous ride, and glad that a new tyre was already on order.


Downs Link Trail training ride

It’s been a busy bank holiday weekend, and I hadn’t put any miles in on the bike, so had planned to do a decent ride on Monday.

I still hadn’t decided by the time I left whether it was going to be a South Downs Eay job or a blast up the Downs Link. 

I decided last minute to go with the Downs Link Trail. My sponsored off road ride is on the 7th May, and the DLT is great for putting your head down and racking up the miles.

Ended up going 17 exactly miles up, according to my Garmin GPS; a slight deviation in route when back in Shoreham added a mile for a total of 35.

Pretty uneventful; not the most interesting ride, but it has its uses.

I’m not back to work until Thursday so although I have plans tomorrow that don’t include a ride, I’m aiming for a South Downs way ride on Wednesday to get some more off road miles in.

Distance: 35 miles

Top speed: 38.9mph

Avg speed: 14.4mph

Strava trophies: 25 including 7 PBs 

Back riding..

I’ve done a few rides now since my second chiropractic treatment, and think I’ve worked out that what took me out of action was not related to riding, but to scraping the paint off of my garage door, which I did on the same Saturday of the ride. This really required some oomph – I was doing it with a wallpaper scraper, and I’m heavily biased to my right side, which was subsequently affected worst.

I waited til the Sunday after the second treatment, and did the same ride, along to Rottingdean and back along the coast, and was unaffected by it, as I’d expect.

Since then I’ve also done my first off road ride since the sun came out, meeting D at Clayton hill again, and riding up to the Beacon and on to Lewes, then back. This totted out at 38 miles, the distance of the Chestnut Treehouse sponsored ride I’m doing in May, but 22 miles of it was on road.. so cheating slightly 😃

I have a couple of days off of work after the Easter weekend, for a total of six days including the long weekend, in which I’m planning on really racking up the training miles.. and getting in some Stamner single track action!