Out of action :(

Did a perfectly innocent 22 miler two Saturdays ago, out to Rottingdean and back. The first 11 miles were a treat.. a 22 mph average despite off road tyres and fully active suspension. Upon turning around however, I realised that the wind was stronger than I thought – more like 20+ than the 10-11 on the forecast, especially up on the cliffs. I genuinely struggled to ride up out of Rottingdean, and it was not a fun ride home at all.. my average had dropped to 15 after the next 11 miles.

I’d also done a ride to the pier and back with B in the morning.

I’m not sure if I somehow strained myself  riding against the wind on the return leg or something random, but by Monday morning, I was barely able to get out of bed, the pain in my neck was so severe. 

Putting my motorbike helmet on to go to work almost produced tears, and sudden movements were taking my breath.

Fast forward to Friday, and I’d booked 1/2 days’ holiday for a chiropractor session. Thankfully, even straight after, and more so since, this helped a lot. Unfortunately, I was banned from bike riding for 48 hours.

I filled out the time with suitably bike related stuff 😃

I have another session on Friday and I’m really hoping that this will not come with the same caveat.. two weekends without riding is not funny at all. On the plus side, I can’t wait to hit the Stamner single track now it’s had a chance to dry out. Fingers crossed..

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