Headset installation complete 

I realised pretty soon after starting this job, that the proper tools are needed to remove the headset cups.. same for the crown race.

So I resigned myself to not being able to remove the cups, But thought I’d have a look at whether the individual parts from the new and old headsets would play well together.

For the crown race, I kept the old one in place after verifying the new bearings would fit into the lower cup, and used a rubber seal from the new one.

For the top cup, again I found that the bearing race fitted perfectly, so used that along with the top cap, plastic wedge etc from the old headset. I packed both cups with lithium grease after cleaning the cups out.

It all fitted together very well, and I adjusted the play out of it to prevent notchiness in the steering.

The proof is in the pudding, and I commuted on it for the first time today. I’d also cut through the lock keeping the old saddle in place, so I could fit my old Selle Royale Respiro that I had on the Dawg Primo.

The bike is very close to being nailed now.. just the seat height and angle to tweak.

I even managed 14 Strava trophies, including four PBs over the 7.4 mile distance, result!

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