Headset installation

The last part (hopefully) needed for the Fire Mountain is a new headset. The other one has various disintegrated seals, very old grease, and is generally looking very sorry for itself.

Bought a new one from Halfords – a £15.99 special – but I have no tools to fit it. I’d seen a YouTube video by RJ The Bike Guy where he used a ghetto headset press, and realised the things are for sale, ready made, on EBay. These comprise a threaded rod with large washers, with nuts at each end that are turned with a spanner, to push each part of the headset (individually) onto the frame.

So I bought one of those at £7, due for delivery tomorrow.

In terms of the crown race, I have some plastic pipe, also used by RJ, to push the race on to the fork, and will remove the old one using a screwdriver.

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