Weekend riding

D found out as he pulled his bike from the shed that he had a broken spoke on each wheel, with associated buckles, and a slow puncture – casualties of the Stamner ride last week.

So we cancelled the planned Downs ride, and I decided instead to smash out a seafront training ride.

Ended up doing a 22 miler, 11 miles along the coast towards Brighton, and back again. 

Nothing special, but it meant that at 1 hr 25 mins, it left me with some time in the afternoon to give the Kitsune some attention. I’d been having a very much intermittent issue where if I’d stamp down on the pedals, sometimes I’d get an evil sounding clunk.

So I removed the cranks, and re-greased the axle and re-fitted. This gave me a chance to give the harder-to-reach parts of the frame a really good clean.

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