2003 Kona Fire Mountain 

I rescued my Fire Mountain from my parents shed in Jan 2017, after what I estimate to be ten years.

The original plan was to use it to practise bike mechanics on. This then evolved into getting it running again for use as a commuting bike.

I also wanted to get it running for minimal cash outlay. That went by the wayside though!

The bike had been stored with wheels off, with the fork legs, chainset and rear derailleur possibly bearing weight at some point throughout that time.

The chain was rusty (but not seized), the handlebar grips had basically disintegrated, the shifters had that vagueness about them, the cables were shot, and there was play in the rear wheel.

I started off with a trip to ‘Cranks Bikes’, a cool not-for-profit in Brighton which has a great stock of second hand parts, as well as some new.

I purchased two tyres, two inner tubes, handlebar grips, a set of DMR V8’s, brake inners and outers with associated ferrules and crimps, a QR seatpost clamp.. and probably some other stuff.. for £30. Bargain.

I dismantled the front v brake and fully lubed it up, but couldn’t get it working satisfactorily, so bought a new one, a ‘Clarks’ from Halfords.

I dismantled the rear hub, re-packed and re-greased the bearings.

That has led to some dramas, along with the crankset causing issues, necessitating replacement.. other posts to come on those!

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