Riding on the hills

Keen to keep up the momentum from last week, I hit the hills again on Sunday.

I was originally planning at least a small one on Sat, as, post-successful-rear-hub-rebuild, is rebuilt my front as well. I’d smashed out one quick test ride, and wanted another.

But there was plenty to sidetrack me, and I ended up not going til around 15:00 on Sunday. Ride up Mill Hill and Truleigh Hill, over to Devils Dyke, and then continued on the SDW until the A23. At this point, I had planned on either continuing on to the Beacon, or looping, but I’d run out of time, so headed back the way I’d come.

Distance: 22 miles

Time: 2h 32m

Avg: 8.9mph

Strava Trophies: 22, with 12 PBs 

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