Sunday ride

No time for a proper distance ride this weekend, which was a bit of a git, but the weather wasn’t exactly inviting.

I took the opportunity to make a few adjustments to the Kona Kitsune though.

Firstly, I’ve been suffering from soreness in my upper back on longer rides.

In general, the fit of the Kitsune feels perfect for me. One issue however, is that because the reach is longer than my Dawg and Fire Mountain, my head is not at a good angle for looking ahead down the trail when I keep my back straight.

The peak angle / height on on my Lazer helmet exacerbates this issue (there was no issue when riding my Dawg), as it obscures my line of sight, necessitating more of a bend in the neck.

I’d noticed that the stem angle of the bike was almost horizontal when I unboxed it, but had left as it was. So I took the opportunity today to flip the stem, angling it upwards. This should mean that I’m not leaning down so much. Next step will be a shorter, steeper stem.

I torqued the stem bolts up to their recommended torques after making this change.

When doing this, tighten bolts as evenly as possible, working on bolts diagonally opposite each other rather than next to each other. Don’t tighten one fully before moving on to the next as this will make the loads on each bolt uneven.

Next, I completely loosened off the crank bolts on the crankset, and re-tightened them, again to recommended torques and tightening each one bit by bit, rather than one fully and then the next.

After doing this I went for a quick spin along to Worthing and back.. a pitiful total of 6.5 miles, with the outward leg being against 20+ mph winds.. not that enjoyable! Good to stretch the legs though.

Hopefully, next weekend will see a chance for an epic ride, incorporating some new Stamner Park trails.

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