Component cleaning..

Bought a few things for the new bike today. Firstly, Halfords for a new socket set. Some of the cross-head screws holding on the panniers are *tight*, and I couldn’t get enough torque with a screwdriver. 

Secondly, Tesco for some Cider Vinegar. I bought three bottles initially.

After getting home, I smashed out a quick ride on the Kitsune, out along the coast to the east for ten miles, and ten miles back (20.5 according to Strava). Average was 16mph, with 28 Strava trophies, including 7 PBs.

I then started stripping the Raleigh.. I didn’t have too much time, so to start with, I’ve gone with dismantling the front v-brakes, one or two other bolts, the chain and the rear derailleur. 

At the time of writing, the parts have been in the vinegar for around two hours, and I’ll be leaving them overnight.

Here are the parts in their container, which is a four pint milk bottle with the top cut off – this provided a large enough space to fit the derailleur, whilst not needing too much vinegar to fill it.

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